Prophetic Declarations 2009

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Deolu Akinyemi

I’m in the middle of gaining clarity for the year ahead, already however, I have clear pictures of what the new year holds. The first few weeks of this month have been very remarkable for me, I have had to attend a convention, where I spoke and where I also listened. The whole Ilorin experience was capped for me by Rev. George Adegboye praying for me. As the words of those prayers and prophetic declarations were pronounced, I really wished I had a tape recorder to capture all the wordings. It wasn’t an havazard prayer, it was very specific and in a particular direction. From that prayer alone, I could see what the new year was going to birth.

Maybe you have been in meetings lately as well, where you have been told specific things about what will happen to you in the new year. Or maybe you’ve just been by yourself praying and worshiping God when you heard his voice -“my daughter, my daughter, or my son, my son”. I’m sure you also heard some great things before this year, 2008 started. I’m sure also that some of these declarations did not come to pass. You know why they didn’t come to pass this year? Do you want to know what can make the declaration of this year come to pass or not next year? Read on

Declarations do not have the powers to make themselves real. Yes, you heard that correctly. If a woman is prayed for and it is declared that she will deliver a child in 9 months time, if she does nothing about it for those nine months (i.e have sex with her husband) she will not give birth to any child. The declaration of any prophecy on our lives, bequeaths on us the responsibility to play our part in making it real.

No matter how many good things are kept for a student at home for holidays, if he doesn’t go home for holidays he won’t get them. Declarations, prayers, prophecies or even desires demand responsibility.

The day I started taking my academics serious enough to start coming first in class, for example, was the day I discovered that there was provision from God’s word for me to be the head and not the tail. I didn’t go about only rejoicing in my discovery of that truth, it made me serious enough not to want to that word to be empty over my life. Enough of empty confessions my friend, you are everything you say you are, not when you say it loud and clear, but when you are able to decipher exactly what activity is required of you based on those truths and you are willing to pay the price.

If you know that you are supposed to become academically excellent, it means you need to think, study and approach things like this was true. You need to apply the commitment equal to what the currently excellent are exhibiting. Don’t just pay lip service, don’t just rejoice, don’t just begin to talk about it, begin to align your actions to not make the words empty.

If you know that you are meant to become international in the coming year. Then ask yourself soul searching questions on what activity you can do to international quality. Don’t imagine a scenario where anybody advances you any amount to make it happen, begin your calculation from your current realities.

If you know that you are supposed to be favored and sought after. Then don’t hide in your room, invest in the knowledge that makes a man’s face to shine, then go out there where you can put the favour and grace to a test. Don’t cower around hoping that one day one day the prophecies will self fulfill themselves, make the move, put the effort, nothing works until you work it!

If we have heard that our nation will become the most desired place on earth to live in, then we should not fold our hands and just say it, or just agree with it. We have to ask, what kind of person do I want to be in that New Nigeria, and what price must I pay today to make me stand on the positive side of that change. Do I want to be a part of the history or a teller of the story? Do I want to be relevant or a part of the crowd. Do I want my activities to count or am I okay with being counted?

Prophecy lingers until the souls of men are stirred to take corresponding action. Israel spent extra time in Egypt because Moses wasn’t ready quickly enough. Israel spent unduly long in Babylon until Daniel discovered in the books that the time was past, and started doing something about it. God doesn’t wear a wristwatch that is made up of minutes and seconds, he wears one that says this, then that. He is the end and the beginning. He does not work with chronos, he works with chairus. He does not use the sequential time, he uses the appointed time. Primary One does not finish without fail after one year, it finishes when the exams for primary one has been passed. Your next level is hidden in your playing your role in the completion of your current level.

So, as you look into the year ahead, and hear the refreshing things that will be. As you look at your lot and the space that will be made for you, remember these words, if it’s got to be, then it’s up to you! God has no favourites, he moves near to those that move near to him! You want God near… then you’ve got to move!

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