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To the average young man, the concept of peace connotes a boring stillness that is only desirable by the old. Young people don’t really desire peace, they desire thrills! I’m a young person too, and even though I knew theoretically that peace is the ultimate virtue humanity seeks, I still battled with the definition of it. Is peace a stillness? Is it the absence of trouble, tempest or storm? Is peace the period between two wars? Is it a child in the peace of a manger while the sea troubles the waters? I discovered lately, a definition of peace that rocked my soul, and showed me what real peace was. It also made peace desirable to both the young and the old.

Peace is not the still, the calm or the trouble free. Peace is the character that results in those qualifications. Peace, I discovered, is the possession of adequate resources! Peace is a state of mind that you manifest, when you are confident that there is sufficient to take care of whatever is coming. I’m sure this sounds like blasphemy already, how can peace be hinged on possession? Before you perish the thought, let’s look together at a few thoughts that I learnt last week.

In the Business Man

In business, the difference between intense anxiety and serenity is nothing other than the possession of adequate resources. The factor that makes the difference between the sleepless nights in business, and the long vacations, is the fact that there is adequate to take care of the cares and concerns. In the lifespan of any business, there will always be things to contend with. In fact the way humans are built, if all is well, we are likely to pursue things that are bigger than us. The direction of growth is the direction of more. Once we get comfortable with the Islands we have discovered, we are likely to launch into unknown territory. The attribute that differentiates entrepreneurs is the confidence generated by peace. The knowledge of the fact that there is sufficient in possession that is adequate for every need. It can indeed be capital, and it can be more than capital.

in those days where things are dark and it’s not certain that daylight will come, in those seasons where the great tomorrow seems to stretch too far and today takes too long, in the times when capital is low, and there is not much to fall back on, that is the time where the business man needs an inner peace, a conviction that there is adequate! The multimillionaire also is fortified by a similar substance, he frets not, not is bothered, because he knows also, that there is adequate to meet all that is necessary.

In the Creative Genius

The creative Genius is characterized by his ability to move from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. While many of the average human worries a lot about daring, about wasting, about running dry, about not having a better yesterday, there are this select minority of people who seem neither worried or hurried, but act with an inner peace. This inner peace for them as well, is characterized by an understanding that they have adequate resources. In the film “Goal” featuring a star athlete – Santiago Munez, a comment was made by the agent that found me that caught me off guard. He said, the reason that many old players beef the new young ones is because, the old players have stopped experimenting, they are trying to maintain their spots, hence they only try what they are sure will work. The young athletes however experiment a lot, discover new possibilities and are likely to outshine them. The major difference of these two mind sets is that one is at peace and the other is not. One is working with an understanding that there is adequate skill to chart new territories and the other is limited. Creative geniuses are in every walk of life, they are not worried that their cruises will run dry, the work from a confidence that there is adequate. If they are musicians, they are not pursuing lengthy lawsuits on piracy, they are waxing new albums, if they are pastors, they keep producing content and let it go, if they are teachers, they don’t hoard knowledge, if they are bloggers, they just bring it all on and make it available for all. Creative geniuses give, they create, they grow, they know that there is adequate in the head to take care of whatever need there’ll ever be.

In Jesus Christ

The bible is full of too many examples of where Jesus displayed that he was at Peace. Is it in sleeping in the eye of the storm? is it in sitting still in a wedding where the wine had finished? Is it in the quiet stillness in the face of many challenges and storms? Jesus operated of a realm of total control, he knew, that he had in him adequate resources to handle anything. He was never helpless, never expressed fear, never panicked, hurried or worried. He was always on the ball, he operated a relationship with the father that made him not in a hurry. He took the stance of one who had watched the match and knows the scores. No fear, no fret. Jesus was master of situations and circumstances. He had peace, in sufficient doze to share with us all. His word says.. My peace I give unto you…, not as the world gives… Jesus gave us a convicting confidence, that is sufficient to last us through any storm in this life.

Peace is the possession of adequate resources! In any realm of life where we are anxious, fearful, fretting, worried, hurried, in doubt, in haste, frustrated, and out of peace. We need peace, a conviction, that there is adequate resource – Mental, financial, social, emotional, spiritual… to meet the need!

The day we have absolute calm on every side because of lack of wind or storm, is one of our last days. Let your peace be more from within, than without.Подаръци

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