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Deolu Akinyemi

Some weeks ago, I was contacted by an Australian friend (I don’t know if he likes me so much anymore), he really wanted to sell an MLM programme to me. He stumbled on me somehow online, an believed that I was the man. I followed on with him and was interested. What shocked me the most was after chatting with him for about 2 weeks, I discovered that their Nigerian office shared the same building with me. It was like, this was destined to be. He arranged for me to be seen by one of his directors from Europe. He actually came to Nigeria and dropped his card in my office.

I went to see him, to understand the program, and what he believed the potentials were. He shared with me how he was a diamond director, how he had never sold a product, but had built the network, how rewarding the program was, and what he saw as potentials in Nigeria. I told him my little MLM understanding and history. From FLP, to Tianshi, to Canadian Diamond Traders, to now Clubfreedom. He laughed at me, and told me that he thinks I’m an MLM Junkie. That was the close of that sale, he was being frank with me, I hadn’t heard the word before, but it sounded true. Reality is I will achieve a lot more by focused effort than by hopping from one scheme to the other. If you want to kill a vision, give the visionary another vision… once he has two, it’s called di-vision or better still, division.

Lately when I began to get signed up into different schemes (for some people actually took the liberty to pay for me and sign me up), I knew that people had been biten by the junkie bug. Have you heard of …….lol, yeah, I’m sure you have heard of them, very new, very exciting…

It doesn’t hurt to try your hands on new things, even I do, else I would never have stumbled on 6k4you, RT or Clubfreedom, but be careful that you don’t jump from scheme to scheme like a junkie, joining the numbers, but not getting results. CF for me is key, every other scheme is by the side.

Have a clip of some thoughts on MLM Junkies.

Like any addict, the MLM Junkie is hooked uncontrollably, except that there’s no foreign substance floating around his or her bloodstream.

Instead, they flit from one “latest, hottest” opportunity to the next in a state of constant frenzy, emotions yo-yoing up and down between ecstasy and terror… the ecstasy at having discovered the “ultimate” opportunity (usually involving “getting in on the ground floor”), the terror at the prospect of missing out on the next “red-hot” opportunity that’s just slipped past them while they were preoccupied with the current “big one”.

They seem incapable of grasping the self-evident fact that any “ground floor” opportunity is automatically doomed. After all, by definition, the opportunity becomes less attractive at every step. Nor are they swayed by the fact that persistence and personal relationships are the proven keys to MLM success and long-term security.

They’re convinced that there really is a pot of gold at the end of the next rainbow – if only the rainbow would stop moving away from them at the same speed as they approach it!

They want riches without effort (on their own part – they’re happy enough to recruit others to do it for them), not realising that such an opportunity can only ever be an illusion because it appeals mainly to greedy, lazy people.

Typically, the MLM Junkie ends up belonging to more than a dozen companies, spending a small fortune on starter kits, products, sales aids and literature, and making no money.

Is there a solution?

The only real answer for the MLM Junkie is a dramatic change in motives, attitude and behaviour. Because they’re driven by fear of loss – the lowest form of human “motive” (it’s not actually a motive at all) – they fail to comprehend that MLM success depends on a desire to share, unconditionally – the highest human motive!

Taking this analogy a little further, we can equate the true MLM Junkie with the promiscuous individual who flirts from one “relationship” to the next, in what amounts to little more than a series of prolonged “one-night-stands”, vainly seeking fulfilment in the wrong places, in the wrong ways, with the wrong people.

People who’ve been through a painful MLM “divorce and remarriage” – sometimes several times – often swear off the idea of “marriage” as being okay for others, but not for them. The reality is that they just haven’t yet found a suitable MLM business partner. One they trust and respect, and about which they can be sincerely and lastingly enthusiastic and committed.

So don’t despair. And don’t give up! There’s always hope. There are many, many worthwhile opportunities out there for you to explore.

The safest, surest course is not to take any “suitor” at face value. Check out everything to your complete satisfaction before making any kind of personal commitment.

Evaluate carefully.

List your personal priorities and preferences in detail, then see if the opportunity matches them. If there’s not a reasonably close score, keep looking. Don’t be distracted by “glamour”, “riches”, “charisma” or promises.

Get the facts.

Culled from John Counsel

I think the experts have said it all, I just felt it was necessary to make this available for all to read and make their own decisions. These are the thoughts that guide my own action. I have come to know some of the clubfreedom leaders (might even see them soon) and can say they have long term plans. I’m looking closely at a few I’ve heard about (I won’t be publicizing any), but my focus is retained by CF and ecash invest.

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