Mentorship Class With Adeolu Akinyemi #MENTORSHIPWAA

Registration for Season 1 is now Over. Registration for Season 2 Commences Now! Season 2 Commences November 12th to 28th, 2014.

I am Adeolu Akinyemi, MD A2W West Africa. I know what it feels like to lose N50,000. I have experienced the loss of N1,000,000. I have personally witnessed N25,000,000 fritter away in one transaction, and close to N100,000,000 in one fell sweep. Some of these occurrences more than once! I know how to make money, how to lose money, and how to stop losing money.

I know first hand what it feels like to live on less than N20,000 per month as a family, and I know what it feels like to earn millions in a month. I have been an employee in a multinational, I have been a manager, been someone’s boss and another’s subordinate. I know what it feels like to hit your goals, and what it feels like to fall short. I have experienced a few of the wonders of the world – the Pyramids of Egypt, Taj Mahal, The Hoover Dam, The Eiffel Tower, The Grand Canyon and so much more. I know of the joys of love, of family of marriage and of fatherhood, I have also experienced the bitter taste of failure and not reaching the mark. I know the excitement of being a landlord in more than one country, of having more than one source of income, and of listening to someone else share their success experiences and be involved in it. I am living an exciting life!
This is an 30hrs course spanning over 3 weeks. The Classes would feature – How to take charge of your life and business, Reorganising your life around the most important things, Consulting, High value selling, Working well with a team, Regular personal upgrades, The Laws of Financial Intelligence, The Process of Financial Intelligence, Building your Network Marketing Business, Mentorship and Coaching.

These classes will run from 9am for 3hrs on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays in Lagos.
For those who want to participate remotely, CDs of the presentation would be available as a pack for people outside the state to buy. All registered people outside Lagos will get a discount on the purchase of these materials.

Enrol Here.

Offline Edition Starts
Our Place | 7 Olufunmilola Okikiolu Street| By Eco Bank| Off Toyin Street, Ikeja-Lagos|Wed. Thur. Fri. | 10am Prompt| Fee: N250,000 | 100% Scholarship for first 50.
Remote Edition
Order Your CDs FAST | 9pm Prompt | Daily| Prompt| Fee: N20,000 | 50% Scholarship for first 50



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