Letter to the Future: A Call to Action!

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Written by

Deolu Akinyemi

Hello Friends and Compatriots,

A lot has been going on, and I’ve personally been waiting for a time when there can indeed be a call to action to alert and inform you. Please do not doubt for one second that the issue of our nation is a matter of life and death. It is! Do not assume as well, that we can do this halfheartedly, we can’t!

All we can achieve as mere citizens with any form of other power in this country is little, limited and inconsequential compared to what a man in political power can achieve. Our greatest achievement in this nation hence is to seize political power! I’ve got exciting news for you, we can, we must and we will!

I am not being optimistic, I’m as practical as it gets. We have the ability to mobilize a mass movement in this nation that has the capacity to place real leaders in position. We are better than this, and we are jointly responsible for our current state. We are aware that by negligence we have sinned. Our doing less than our capacity has made us guilty of involvement in the death of all those who perish on our roads, die in our hospitals and are sent to early graves by our non functioning systems. We are in a terrible state, and I also share in the fears that if we allow things to go on this way, we will not exist as a nation in any guise in the next 20yrs. However, I have seen the glory of the New Nigeria! I have seen the land bounded by prosperity, inhabited by talent and flourishing with natural endowments. My eyes have seen the future! The future crafted by the hands of the youth that knows the truth! A nation led by leaders whom the great God can guide.

Our eyes can see, and our hands never touch, if we restrain ourselves to empty words that are not backed by due action. we must make movement, we must take action. It is on this premise that we have come to an all important junction in the history of our nation. The day called today, where you and I must mark our names on the indelible stones of time as having taken action. The action is simple, but it forms the trigger of all our future actions. We have gotten to that one part, upon which everything else in history refers – The registration of our political party and platform. The birth of The Party (more details later)!

We have less than 2 weeks to get this party registered. We would ideally need N30million to get this done, but we have gotten a few concessions that makes this possible for N10million. We do not want to burden a few, we want to involve many. As I write this, we are yet to get candidates for many of the offices, but we have found a few credible leaders, that we know we can back! Call it an experiment at least, if you are pessimistic, but mark my words – History will be made!

This is a call to you and a call to your friends. This is an opportunity to back our commitment with action! We need to pull funds together to first get the party registered. We have two weeks, as the last batch of parties will be announced in November.

I have had enough of Empty Oct 1 events. I have spoken on October 1’s for as long as I can remember, if any of you are speaking there, please raise funds for this cause. Let’s pull funds together. All payments can be made into New Naija Club account in GTBank 223865965 110, and a mail sent to party@newnigeriaclub.net to indicate how much you paid and your teller number. We intend to appoint an auditor for this and account for every penny. For all who are around Lagos, we will hold a meeting on Sunday the 4th of October, to do a round table and fund raising session. The venue will be communicated shortly.

Here are the items we need to cover for

1. Workshop to produce Manifesto and constitution – N250,000

2. Printing of Constitution and Manifesto – N100,000

3. Rent of Party HQ in Abuja – N10m (volunteered)

4. Furnishing of Party Secretariat – N5M (partially volunteered)

5. 1 party Vehicle – N3.5M/Lease (Given)

6. Conference for Mobilization of Activists/Leaders – N5m (optional)

7. Official Reg – N100,000

8. PR – N2m

9. Miscellaneous – N1m

We are appointing an auditor to monitor the entire process of collection and execution, we’ll also maintain a public forum where we’ll publish the names and amounts contributed by all who contribute. Volounteers are also welcome.

We can make this happen. All off us! Please let’s hear from you.  We can have 200 people willing to contribute N50,000 each or 2,000 people that can put N5,000 together each we can make a lot happen.  We can then also have a team of people who are willing to commit monthly payments to drive the movement. We do not need to burden anybody with heavy tarrifs.

Let me end with this …

“ the man who really counts in the world is the doer, the man who actually does the work, even if imperfectly, not the man who only talks or writes about how it ought to be done.”

The TIME to ACT is NOW! Be a STAKEHOLDER and not a spectator. We will do this for sure, hopefully with you. Thank you so much.

Kind Regards

Adeolu Akinyemi

On Behalf of The Future Movement and the New Nigeria Club.

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