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Deolu Akinyemi

preaching-pastorA few CEOs were asked what they would advice a 12 year old. They all gave answers that sounded similar, and the most apt rendition I heard was – “be open and willing to learn”. In their words, nobody can really predict the future, as different things would become important in the future than the things that are important today. Knowledge is progressive, so as long as you keep learning, you would be relevant in the future. Sounded quite apt!

I look at my personal sojourn as a Child of God, and realize that the revelation of God’s truth is progressive. Very much like our growth through normal school. At a time 1 minus 2(1-2) was impossible. Later it became minus 1(-1). Once upon a time the square root of -1 was impossible, later it became i. Once there were 9 planets in the solar system, now there are 8. What was once correct has become wrong.

This realization makes me less judgmental. I know I was wrong, and I know that even today, I may truly know more, but what I know is not perfect, as long as there is tomorrow I will still be wrong on some things. It makes me more willing to consider that those who seem wrong today deserve a chance. Those that love the truth however recognize the masters voice, do you?

Here are some of the things I was wrong in.

  1. I was wrong about the Bible! I thought it was a book of principles, the manual for human life and the history of God’s people! I was wrong, the Bible was about Jesus Christ, it was written to give us access to him because in Him is life. John 5:39. This little change in that reality makes the Bible reading experience totally different.
  2. I was wrong about God! I was taught to see God as a generous father, almost like a Father Christmas who doled out gifts to me based on what I wanted. I was wrong. God is my father, but He’s a very successful Father. He owns all things, and has an agenda that predates me. He is not waiting to hear what I need, he knows what I need before I know. He created me for his pleasure and my highest value is found when I align with his will and agenda!
  3. I was wrong about my importance and achievement! The Bible is not a book of promises, it’s God communicating His agenda to us! The scripture is dangerous out of context, and I can be out of context by reading a verse out of a context or reading an entire book out of the Bible’s purpose. I realized that I can’t brag about Joseph’s journey to the Palace without balancing it with Moses’ Journey from the Palace. It’s not about the Palace it’s about Jesus!
  4. I was wrong about sowing money to reap more money! The picture of God as one who takes from us to bless us is inconsistent with scriptures. The seed is not money, the seed is the word of God. Those who are bought by God with the price of Jesus’ blood can’t give God anything, he owns them! They can’t receive from God, all they have is God’s and they only run errands for God! God is not partial, and can’t be biased by your gifts. He’s also not a money lender. Luke 6:38 the popular verse for offerings, give and it shall come back to you, was not about money but about criticism.
  5. I was wrong about ambition and personal agenda! It’s impossible for those who are truly in Christ to have any ambition higher than serving God. There is no agenda that should hold priority over a man’s life than what God is doing! I was wrong to think I can glory in my goals, when all the men that God used didn’t have goals.
  6. I was wrong about purpose. Why should I who died with Christ and that Christ now live inside of have a purpose different from the purpose of Jesus? How can I be asking for God’s purpose for my life, when Jesus is my life? 2 Cor 5:15 paraphrased says, one man died for all, so all should live for the one man. In fact no man should live for himself.
  7. I was wrong about God’s will. It’s not something to keep asking for, it’s clearly in God’s word. The bible suggests that anybody who doesn’t know God’s will is foolish – Eph 5:17. I have realized quite simply that God’s word is clear about God’s will, even though many pastors and leaders make it mysterious. God has one will! He has no will for your life! You can find your specifics only after you understand God’s will! God’s will is the parameter for answered prayers. It’s the basis for being in God’s family. It’s the requirement for eternal life. It’s what gives access to God’s kingdom.
  8. I was wrong about many other things, I have come to see quite clearly in God’s word. I was wrong about serving God, wrong about what happens after death, wrong about heaven, wrong about mansions in heaven, wrong about the distinction between clergy and laity, wrong about tithes and pledges, wrong about salvation prayer, wrong about acceptable prayer, wrong about finance, wrong about the definition of success, wealth and prosperity, wrong about what it meant to be a Christian. Wrong about God’s irreducible minimum, wrong about Harvest.

Can you imagine all that? I learnt all I knew from reading my bible through the lens of many renown men of God around the world. I listened to tapes, read books, was hungry for God and was fed with current syllabus on 1-2. Were they deliberately peddling lies, no, they were wrong, I was wrong, but are we moving forward?

I was wrong, and so are many pastors, including yours. The funny reality is, these are some of the things I have found out I was wrong in. I am most likely still wrong in some more areas. Does your pastor accept that he is wrong? Or is he/she closed? Remember, those who will be relevant in the future are those who live in tents, who are ready to move with God when he says move! Never get stuck up in impossible, as the day of Sonship dawns, revelation will increase, and those who are the elect will escape the deceit that pervades the atmosphere.

You can learn more at www.hccc.org.ng the audios for the last 18 months are there free. Also if you want to join us for a 40 days word and water challenge and discipleship in God’s word, add my number to your WhatsApp: 08037228919 and ask for 40days Challenge.

If you are uncomfortable with what you are reading, don’t close your heart, pray to God to open your eyes. If it resonates with you, contact me, God has told me that there are those he has chosen out there somewhere. In the system of organized church, but longing for truth.

John the Baptist is outside the town gates, he’s not in the normal structure preaching what the priests preach, he’s a weird guy talking about God’s kingdom and pointing the way to Jesus! Jesus is about to be announced, not within the regular places, but outside in Jordan. If your spirit nudges you forward, you must seize the moment!

This was meant to be short… but the Holy Spirit is reaching out to someone!

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