I was Wrong about the Bible!

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Deolu Akinyemi

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I see that many people are trying to understand what the reality of the past was, and what currently is present clarity. If I was wrong, what was my view before, and if now I’m right, what is my view now.

I will take them one by one. Before I go ahead however, let share that the appetite of people to seek truth has been destroyed by worldly gospels. People no longer endure sound doctrine, they are happy to hear brief watered down messages that has no capacity to produce sons. Many believers are feeding on poison in the name of milk. God needs sons, and it’s the work of the five fold ministry to equip boys and girls to become sons. So if this sounds boring to you, read 1 John 2:15-17 – The love of the world’s ways, chokes out the love of the father. It’s strange when in church we are taught to love of the world’s ways. It makes us hear God’s ways and go to sleep.

I was wrong about the Bible! I bought a bible where every promise was written with my name on it! I saw the Bible as a book of promises! I thought it was for me. I claimed the promises, and used God’s word in confessions! How deceived was I? Jesus never used God’s word for this purpose! Never!

John 5:39 makes it clear that all of the Bible was about Jesus! Jesus sat with his disciples in Luke 24:27 and beginning from Moses and all the prophets showed them in scriptures the things about Him. In verse 44, he declared that even the Psalms were about Him. They read the bible because they believed it was the source of eternal life, but Jesus was the source of eternal life, and the Bible is meant to lead to him. Reading Hebrews 11 reveals that none of the heroes got the promises! Not one of them also got the Promise! Jesus is whom all scriptures point to, why? Because he has become our life, and it’s only when we see him, that we become like Him.

We are what we eat! Feed day old chicks differently and you will end up with some as layers and some as broilers. If your lens to God’s word is fixated on personal agenda, you will be serving another god! In Philippians 3:17-20 that god is called the belly! It’s a God of personal desires and ambitions. I used the Bible for my purpose, Now I am learning to see that the Bible is meant to help us see Christ, so that Christ in us can come to fullness.

I hope someone gets this. Maybe I should break it down further.

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God bless you.

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