How to know when it’s not the Holy Spirit!

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Deolu Akinyemi


There are many brands of spirits out there, many of them are not Holy!

One of the easiest coverups that people hide under to perpetrate evil is, claiming to be led by the Spirit. The undiscerning person however does not know to ask “Which Spirit?”. We can’t just accept anything because the person who said it claimed it came from the Spirit, we need to test all spirits, to see if they are from God! Here is a simple understanding and acid test to know if the spirit is of God, or a concoction.

“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world” – 1 John 4:1

This is not a suggestion, it’s a commandment. If you are not testing every spirit you are living in disobedience. I can’t claim to be deceived because I was busy, because I had a Job, because I couldn’t be bothered, or because I didn’t see any reason to. No! We need to test all the spirits because there are many spirits saying the Lord said, and the Lord is wondering who sent them. If you have believed a lie, you will be RESISTANT to truth!

1. Jesus came to reveal the Father, The Holy Spirit came to reveal Jesus. The Holy Spirit is not self serving or looking for spotlight. His assignment is to take from Jesus and make known to us. Whatever Spirit relegates Jesus to the background and puts the proclaimer in spotlight, is not the Holy Spirit. All those testimonies giving glory to – The GO’s word, calendar or the Bishops commission or anointing oil has nothing to do with the Holy Spirit.

2. The relationship between Jesus and the Holy Spirit is deep. The Holy Spirit could not have indwelled the Human flesh if not that Jesus conquered sin in the flesh. For illustration purposes only – Christ came to be infected with human flesh, so that God could develop a vaccine for sin. Christ solved it, and became the vaccine. He’s available in mass production by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will never contradict Jesus, or lead you out of His pattern. When a man of God is being led to do things that contradict Jesus, there is Yawa!

3. Is this in sync with God’s word? Over and over again in scriptures we are told to test all spirits, to test prophecies, to test all “thus says the Lord”. Whenever we hear God told me, our antenna must go up, we should verify what the Lord has told them, with what the Lord has written down! If it’s not in sync with God’s word, throw it away with the day’s garbage, there is no truth in them.

4. False Hope! The objective of false spirits is not to convict you and make it look like you have a lot you still need to do, No! The objective of false spirits is to give you false hope! To make you feel you are safe when you are not! To make you think you are saved when you are not! To make you believe that everything is going to be alright, when nothing eternal is alright, and all that is alright is a screensaver that shakes off when this life shakes down! The consistent logo of false prophets in scriptures is the message of “Peace, Peace”.

Test this spirit, it has nothing to do with me, it has everything to do with Jesus! My heart is grieved daily as I see the one who died for me, relegated and used to promote men, whose clear agenda are the self serving and clear to the eyes. I spare you their names, only because the hour has not yet come! Let the discerning take note, and let the non discerning come to understanding. May my generation give to Jesus, the praise, glory and honor that only He deserves! Amen!

Adeolu Akinyemi
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