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Deolu Akinyemi

Once upon a time two 13yr old boys decided to each ask their fathers for the key to their father’s brand new BMWs. They met together to agree which of their fathers was nicer, and which loved or cared about them the most. They were in JSS 3, and a lot of their classmates claimed to be able to drive, except them. Some of them also claimed to drive their fathers cars, but not them. It wasn’t good, they thought, they believed that the only way to sort things out, was to ask their fathers.

The first boy, whose name I’ll refer to as Chike, decided to ask his dad as well. He explained to his dad that he wanted to drive his fathers BMW, and that he was feeling very aloof as all his classmates were driving except him. His father laughed heartily and told him to go face his books, that when the time was right, they’ll sit down together and have that conversation again. He went to his room with tears laid eyes, his father had not even given him sufficient attention before dismissing his proposition.

The second boy, whose name I’ll refer to as Segun, asked his father the same question, explaining the issues on ground and how driving this car to school will increase his social standing. The father, being a very understanding father, who understood the value of a social life, decided to indulge him and gave him the car keys. After a lot of struggle… starts stops and sharp movements… he got the hand of how to move the car. In the course of one full day, he scratches the car, steals from his dad to fix it before he finds out, gets to impress and hang out with wrong company, and gets into big time trouble!

In case you are wondering where all this is leading, listen tight. If you listen to the desire of many hearts today, you’ll find it filled with things. If you could eavesdrop on people’s prayer points, you’ll find that people want, need, and desire for things. “Give me a”, “I want a”, “I need a”, these are some of the phrases you are likely to find in the prayer requests of many. Saints and sinners alike.

In the week just concluded, I did a lot of serious thinking about this concept of pursuing God for the things he can give, for the solutions he can provide. Should our cry be give me, or should it be make me? If you give a man fish, he’ll need fish again and be back. If you teach a man how to fish, then he’ll become independent, but if you make him a fisher man, he’ll have both the skills and the networks to always produce results. Enough of give me, let’s shift our desire to “make me!”

The only thing that is real and replicable is not what you are given its what you produce. Not what you copy it’s what you create. If you allow God to make you, you can produce for yourself more than you are currently asking. Don’t ask for money, ask to be made wealthy, don’t ask for answers, ask to be given understanding, don’t seek for solutions, ask to be made wise. When you are made, you will produce what you are asking to be given.

If you get what you want before you are ready for it, it will destroy you. The father who gives his child snakes before he can tame them, is neither nice nor has love for his son. Some people pray to God for millions, yet one doesn’t need a diviner to know that nothing can destroy their lives faster than sudden wealth. You don’t have enough money to sustain a family today, and you are sleeping around, tell me what will you do when you enter true wealth? You have some change today and you walk like you have a chip on both shoulders, would having more humble you? Today it takes courage to approach you, will you be useful if you get what you want? How many lives do you have the potentials of destroying if God answers your prayers? Stop asking for things, start seeking to grow.

Don’t be a son or daughter that causes shame! Shame is the by product of placing gold rings in the snout of a pig, or casting jewels before swine! God has set the universe in such a way that he is on the lookout for people who will act responsibly with the resources he commits into their hands. He’s not bothered about your religion as much as he is about your disposition. No one pours new wine into old wine skin, no uses old clothes to patch new ones. Quit asking for things, start asking to be the person who the things fit.

Having more doesn’t make you better, being more does. A man’s life does not consist of the abundance of things. The value of money is not in it’s possession, but in the value it adds to another life. Money is called currency, once it stops flowing it stops functioning.

Lord, I pray today, that you make me a blessing to my generation. Make me a positive influence. Make me someone whose words carry value, make me wiser than my age. I am a co-creator with you, make me find who your words say that I am. Rid me of greed and selfishness, make me one who pauses long enough to know when to help. Minister seed to me, and let me get understanding in the season of harvest. Make me a son that brings you joy! Make me qualify for the things you have already given me. Give me wisdom and understanding to make manifest the things that are now unseen. Open my eyes here on earth, to see the things that are mine already in heaven. Your will be done on earth, as it is already in heaven. Make me!

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