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Deolu Akinyemi

It’s one full year now, when we started an investment club under the code name Generis Financial Solutions. I remember  the kinds of comments that visited the birth of the two arms of these clubs then. Some people complained that I was complaining about the hyips that existed then because I wanted to start my own. I got a lot of personal mails attacking my personality, I had a number of rough comments and outright vituperation, but I forged ahead then because I believed that it was possible to manage a financial club and get results for people. I wasn’t alone though, there was a team of people who believed as well, some helped in the process of managing the funds while the others put their money where there mouth was.

After a while, we decided not to admit fresh people into the club. We started getting lots of emails and comments from interested people. By the time the wonder banks wound down, a deluge of mails hit my personal account. Some people realized, that I might really not be as stupid as they imagined as some of the things I had said had come to be true in time. It was a lot of challenge saying no to people’s money, but I had to be firm, as my credibility and integrity is worth more to me than any amount in the world. After 1 year, today precisely, we called the members of the club for a breakfast meeting, and declared 100% return on investment for the fiscal year closing today. We didn’t only declare it, we wrote out checks to the members for the amounts due to them to liquidate their holdings. At least this shows that the money is not on paper only, but real. It also gives them the opportunity to take their money back, to take proper position in the reloaded version of the Investment Club. 

For all those how have ever indicated interest in joining our any of our investment clubs, this is to declare that it is open to as many as are interested, only this time around in order to make it a proper club, you will need to be a member of the New Nigeria Club before you can be a part of this. The New Nigeria Club is a properly registered club with the CAC, and we are licensed to bring people together to build a better Nigeria.

The technology also currently available in the back office of the New Nigeria Club makes it easy to create and manage an investment account from the NNC banking section. The fact that we have ATM enabled ID cards also makes it too perfect as a platform to drive a super Investment Club.

Our 2hrs plus session today with the investors and club members was fulfilling. People asked questions, and looked really happy that things had worked out well. In  fact some people were not happy that we liquidated the investments, they felt we should continue. Some felt convinced that they would need to add more money to what we had given back to them to retake positions in the new Investment Club.

It was fulfilling for me, to see that even though many legitimate fund managers had gone under, even though many had cut rates due to early bearish market last year, and even though many wonder banks had disappeared, we were able to manage people’s funds and deliver great results using the stock market and real estate as investment vehicles.

We are taking it higher now, and there are a load of opportunities exlusively available for the members of this investment club already as well. There is a lot of wisdom in networking to form a robust club, if one can tackle 1,000, two will tackle 10,000. Let’s leverage on our numbers and attempt big things. Just in case you think otherwise, feel absolutely free, we’ll do it without you, but just in case you see and want to be a part of the future we are creating… for our nation and most definitely ourselves, stay tuned.

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