Five Interesting Life Lessons That Will Spur You To Greatness

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Deolu Akinyemi

In a lush green farm nestled in a valley, two fruits grew together: a watermelon and an orange. They spent their early years’ side by side, basking in the warm sunshine and drinking in the fresh rainwater that nourished them.

The watermelon was a huge fruit with a thick green rind that protected its juicy, sweet flesh. It grew bigger and bigger every day, towering over the orange and casting a shadow over it. The orange, on the other hand, was small and round, with a thin orange skin that was easy to peel, revealing its pulpy, tangy flesh.

As they grew older, the watermelon and the orange began to realize that they were very different from each other. The watermelon was proud of its size and strength, and it loved to show off its massive bulk to anyone who would look. The orange, on the other hand, was content to be small and unassuming, and it was happy to be enjoyed by those who appreciated its delicate flavour.

One day, a group of farmers came to the farm to pick fruits to sell in the nearby market. They looked at the watermelon, impressed by its size, and marveled at how much juice it could provide. But they also saw the orange, small and humble, and were intrigued by its sweetness and portability.

As the farmers picked the fruits, they realized that size was not everything. The watermelon was impressive, but it was also heavy and difficult to carry. The orange, on the other hand, was light and easy to transport, making it perfect for people who were on the go. And while some people preferred the juicy sweetness of the watermelon, others preferred the tangy, refreshing taste of the orange.

In the end, both the watermelon and the orange found their place in the world, each appealing to different people for different reasons. They learned that comparison was not wise and that their differences were what made them unique and special. And so they continued to grow and thrive, side by side in the lush green farm, knowing they were both loved and appreciated for who they were.

How does this apply to you?

  1. Don’t be carried away by the significant qualities of others; discover your uniqueness and focus your attention on it
  2. What appeals to different people varies. Trying to suit yourself to particular people will make you lose some other people. Learn to be content with who you are.
  3. No matter how much an orange fasts and prays, it won’t achieve the size of a watermelon, and no matter how much a watermelon fasts and prays, it won’t have the tangy sweetness of the orange. Use your efforts in your lane, not in another’s lane.
  4. If a melon looks like an orange, it’s a disease, and if an orange becomes big like a melon, it’s a disease.
  5. Your first assignment in life is to understand your uniqueness. You are first to know yourself before attempting to know other subject matters. Once you discover yourself and understand your purpose and who you need to serve, everything else falls into place.


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Adeolu Akinyemi.


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