Death Before Life!

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Deolu Akinyemi

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My blog is back from it’s longest break ever. Interestingly, I did not give myself as much reason to panic as I have done in the past. While I hoped for the best and desired the best, I somehow had gotten to that place in my heart where I was willing to start again from scratch. You might not understand it, but it was like Abraham on the mount going with a resolve to sacrifice is son, knowing that God would provide an alternative, either before or after. If you know how emotionally attached I am to this blog, and how much of my years it has consumed, you will understand. I had however gotten to the point where I knew, that even if it did not come back to live, there was something great ahead that it needed to give way to. It dawned on me afresh, that if the seed of grain does not fall to the ground and die, it abides alone, but that if it dies, the comeback to live will be with abundance.

If anything in your life seems to be dying don’t lose faith. If God seems to be testing you with something you hold dear, don’t lose heart. If it seems that your business is experiencing a low time, don’t lose hope. The process of growth is usually preceded by a decline-the seeds first die before they sprout. Take heart and be of good courage your great days are here. That’s exactly the way it’s going to be on this site starting from this coming week.

From next week, I will begin to implement the desires of the readers of this site. I will start entertaining permanent guest bloggers, temporary guests and interviews with successful people. The calendar will get more elaborate as we progress, but I can share a little calendar with you already. All writers in this blog will write based on their styles, but at the same time adhere to the predefined values of

Please find below a calendar of what to expect per week

Sundays to Wednesdays – Adeolu Akinyemi (Personal Development and Opportunities)

Thursdays – Gbenga Aijotan (Internet Marketing)

Fridays – Praise Fowowe (lovebirds)

Saturdays – Temitope Akinyemi ( Relationships and Family)

Between Sundays and Wednesdays we’ll entertain guests that are one off, we’ll entertain interviews, recap of events, e.t.c. I also have a slot for up to 2 permanent guest bloggers. You can indicate interest if you are interested, but it’s solely my prerogative to make it permanent or one off or not at all.

Counting from the first day I posted an article ever on any blog till now (Title of Post: He’s Crawling; Date: 16th Nov, 2005) it’s been 5 amazing unforgettable years. I have come from complete obscurity to a blog that is read far and wide by so many friends and so much more strangers. I am indeed grateful to God for these strides. I am however also excited and hopeful about the immediate future.

As God has lifted me in time, may he lift you. As he has brought my life out of obscurity and given me visibility, may he do the same for you. As you have stuck with me, may you not lack men and women. As you have participated, may you find volounteers. As you have applauded from the sidelines, may you not lack encouragement. May all those who get blessed and keep silent reduce, and may all who share the site and share their learnings increase 🙂 May you experience growth, and may your source never run dry. May some of you get the courage you need to start!

There are greater days ahead for all of us, don’t be discouraged by the seasons of reduction that precede big time increase!


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