Business Lessons from the Most Successful Pop Star of our Time

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Deolu Akinyemi

For many years, the name Taylor Swift was one I used to engage my daughter. I stumbled on some of her music a few years ago, felt she had strong appeal to young people even though her lyrics made a lot of sense to me. I discovered that she was trending in my daughters class, far back as in primary school. I watched some of her videos far back as over 7 years ago, and felt there was something there. Being rated the most successful pop star of our time however is something that took me completely by surprise.

Well, while I’m taking out a few business lessons from how she has become a billionaire in dollars and a the greatest star of this generation, I am aware that a few high profile American universities are now offering full courses on Taylor Swift. Universities like New York University, Stanford, Harvard et.c. Talk about success having many friends!

Taylor Swift’s journey reveals lessons for those pursuing big dreams.

1. Compete against yourself! Friesland is selling 3 different brands (Peak, Three Crown and Nunu) and competing against themselves, how won’t they be the biggest. Taylor swift rerecorded her albums that she didn’t own and competed against the original albums and outsold them. The result I believe is more fame for her albums because it was not her best versus her best.
2. Parallel Evolution. Grow with your audience or customers. Listen to them, find their pain points and address it. She ensured her message grew with her audience. She found the trending issue of the generation of her fans, and kept feeding it, growing with them as they grew.
3. Be a Rebel with a Cause! What is going on in your industry that needs a voice to lead. Be the voice. Taylor swift fought many battles. She found a group to represent and poured out the frustration of that group in her albums, they maxed out!
4. Stand up agains the giant bullies! Every David gets announced when they take up the Goliath challenge. Be an underdog winner. The record labels were technically bullying many artists, Taylor swift started a revolution that claimed the rights back to the musician.
5. Location is important. If your talent doesn’t relocate to where it’s valued, it will be wasted talent. For example, if you are a Doctor and you are not in the US or Canada, you are enjoying less than the potentials of the course. Maybe you are doing medicine for other altruistic reasons. She relocated to the city where her talent can be evaluated and valued at 14.

I’m reworking a community focused on uplifting entrepreneurial spirits like yourself. If Swift’s cascading triumphs stir your passions, join our catalyst crew. Knowing what to do is the first phase, knowing how to do it, and getting support to do it is the second phase, will you be interested in taking action? A group of us are, and you may want to join us.

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