Adieu President Yar’Adua

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Deolu Akinyemi

Death is a very sensitive topic. I am usually amazed at how death makes celebrities out of people who’s CDs we never would have bought. I get amused at how it’s difficult to speak ill of the dead or wish the person anything other than heaven or a good place. I have attended a few burials in my life, and when the person was outrightly wicked and bound for nowhere else, we all still believe the best and hope that in his or her last moments, a mini dialog with God had made all things good. In the light of this, I do not wish to talk about the hear after, but the here and now! May his gentle soul rest in peace.

Isaiah 6:1a says, in the year King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord…

It is my sincere prayer tonight that in this hour that our president departs from the world as we know it, God will speak to His prophets! My hearty prayer tonight is that the blueprint of God for this nation will be proclaimed and he will set in power those who will execute his will! I prophesy this night and as we progress into morning, that God will destroy the Pharaoh spirit holding this nation captive! I declare you evil genius’, you antichrists, let my people Go! I decree plagues in the camp of the cabal, I decree that one event after the other will commence until the proverbial Pharaoh lets Nigeria Go!  I pray that ears will be opened and the eyes of the Isaiah’s of this nation will see!

We have turned the tables of leadership of our nation as an 8yr right between the North and the West. The north was meant to do 8yrs after the Southwest did 8yrs. Today however Jonathan takes over! Our eyes are being shifted from the normal calculations prepared for this nation. The Lord is in action, Isaiah can see the Lord!

May the calculations of those who impose themselves over this nation fail!  May their diviners turn mad! May they fall out of orbit with everything that holds them relevant, may truth pierce darkness through and may the future of Nigeria be different from it’s past. May our trends change, may our fall be halted, may Nigeria blossom again!

I have nothing against the gentle President Yar’Adua, he’s merely a victim of circumstance, a trapped pawn in the game of bigger players. I pray that his soul will rest in peace, and his family will receive comfort from God! I pray too though, that his death will not end as death, but will usher in a dispensation where God is seen visibly in the affairs of Nigeria. I pray that God will garnish the memory of him with the time that Nigeria took a new turn under the visible leadership of God.

Meetings will begin to happen from today, good and bad meetings. Where those whose counsel is not the Lord’s gather, may they scatter! Where they plot, may the evil of their plot be theirs to harvest. I decree 2011 is a turning point in the political history of our country. As God marks the year, 2010 our year of Jubilee… may Nigeria be FREE!

Adieu President Yaradua Adieu.

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