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Program Overview

The Adeolu Akinyemi Mentorship Program is a year-long journey designed to empower and equip 46 students in higher institutions, aged between 16 and 24, with essential life skills, financial intelligence, and entrepreneurship knowledge. The program aims to foster personal and professional growth, instill a sense of financial responsibility, and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset among the participants.

Program Components

  1. Orientation and Goal Setting (Month 1): The program will kick off with an orientation session, where participants will be introduced to the program structure and objectives. Each participant will set personal and professional goals they wish to achieve during the mentorship journey.
  2. Monthly Zoom Meetings (Months 2-12): Regular Zoom meetings will be conducted once a month, bringing together all participants and mentors. These meetings will include interactive workshops, guest speaker sessions, and discussions on various topics such as financial planning, leadership skills, career development, and entrepreneurship.
  3. WhatsApp Group Communication: A dedicated WhatsApp group will serve as a platform for ongoing communication, support, and sharing of resources between participants, mentors, and program coordinators. It will also facilitate quick Q&A sessions and peer learning opportunities.
  4. Individual Mentorship Pairings: Enable participants to be paired with a mentor from the business and entrepreneurship field. The mentors will provide personalized guidance, share experiences, and offer advice to help the mentees achieve their goals.
  5. Book Study Sessions: Participants will receive my books on Financial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship. Throughout the program, book study sessions will be organized, allowing participants to discuss key concepts, share insights, and apply the knowledge gained to real-life scenarios. Each shortlisted participant will get a copy of my hardcover book – “Dear Entrepreneur”, which sells for NGN25,000 free.
  6. Physical Meetups and Workshops (Quarterly): To foster deeper connections and engagement, quarterly physical meetups and workshops will be organized at a convenient location. These sessions will include networking opportunities, group activities, and hands-on learning experiences.

Program Objectives

  1. Empower students with financial intelligence and entrepreneurship skills.
  2. Cultivate leadership qualities, creativity, and problem-solving abilities.
  3. Foster a growth mindset and confidence in pursuing their dreams and aspirations.
  4. Enhance financial literacy and responsible financial habits.
  5. Provide a supportive network for personal and professional development.
  6. Encourage innovative thinking and the exploration of entrepreneurial opportunities.


By the end of the one-year mentorship program, participants will have:

  1. Gained practical knowledge and skills in personal financial management and entrepreneurship.
  2. Developed a growth mindset and self-confidence.
  3. Expanded career options and opportunities based on insights into different career opportunities
  4. Established personal and professional goals and made progress toward achieving them.
  5. Expanded their network through mentor-mentee relationships and peer connections.
  6. Nurtured the entrepreneurial spirit and explored potential business ventures.
  7. Demonstrated improved financial literacy and responsible financial behaviour.

Program Evaluation

Regular feedback and evaluations will be conducted throughout the program to measure the participants’ progress, engagement, and satisfaction. Program coordinators will use the feedback to continuously improve the mentorship experience and ensure its effectiveness.

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