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Deolu Akinyemi

Excuses are monuments of fools as murmuring is the language of slaves, yet it baffles me, how people participate in any of these two activities so frequently. Comparison is the pastime of fools as fear is the passion of slaves, yet it’s amazing how the greater part of society engage in them so helplessly. If the way you are living today is totally acceptable to you, then write your will, for somewhere around the corner is Elysium. Growth must be preceded by dissatisfaction, all of life’s blessings come towards one who has a burning desire. If you have cravings, and the things you crave must come to you, then there are a few things that you must build.

First of all however, what is your dream? Close your eyes if you must, but what is that one thing you will try to do, if success was guaranteed? What will you try your hands on if you knew you could not fail? What goal will you pursue, if you are assured of getting it? Dreams are the beacons of hope that guide us to new beaches far from the shores of our current realities. Do you have a dream? Or are you living your dream already?

If you want to reach beyond where you are today, if you desire more and want better, then these are a few things you need to build.

1. Build yourself

If you want more, you need to be more! Whatever you get that is more than who you are is a gift, don’t expect it next month. Quit comparing yourself with others, or murmuring about what you don’t have. If you don’t have it, ask yourself, “do I deserve it?” What value are you adding, and what will you pay for the value you are adding? To build yourself, you need to expand your mind – Read books, travel out, go on an adventure, try something new, make new friends. Look closely at your life, “what has changed in the last 1yr?” Have you made new friends? How many books have you read? Have you given yourself an attitude makeover? Are you brighter, sharper, more informed and a better person than you were before? If you don’t want to be a fool or a slave, build yourself. Don’t build just your mind, build your body, and exercise your spirit – Meditate, Pray, Sing, give expressions to your inner self. Build yourself.

2. Build Character

In this show-biz crazed world, where the virtues of modesty and conservativeness are gradually being positioned as a vice rather than a strength, you may wonder of what use is character. Interestingly, research still shows, that even crooked people like to work with people they can trust won’t con them out. The reality is that character is key. Character is the inner consistent you, it is who you are, and the sum total of all your qualities, values and ethics. In a world loaded with pressures from peers, advertising, channel O and so many influences, having an internal developed core that provides you with basic rules to guide you conduct is key. Charisma will not take you beyond where character cannot sustain you. Make up your mind to always do the right thing no matter who is watching. Guide yourself by true North principles and don’t destroy your character.

3. Build your home

Investing in your home, is characteristic of wisdom. Invest in your wife, your children, your family – nuclear and extended. Invest time, love and resources. Your home is not the house you are living in, it’s the people you are living with. Consciously build your home.

4. Build your Business

He that does not work, should not eat! There is dignity in labour, and working to earn a living, minding a business – your own, is noble and deserves credit. Don’t build a house at the detriment of your business, grow your business to build your house. Don’t focus your attention on deals and contracts, build a business. There is a world of difference between a deal and a business. Between a one-off and a system. Learn what to do to build your business and do it. Different businesses require different things, but have some generic things in common. Look for someone around you that is successful in business and if you can get, in your line of business. Learn from them.

5. Build your Brand

The Coca-Cola drink costs less than 10cents to make, but the Coca-Cola brand is worth billions of dollars. Reputation is useless if character is missing, but with character in place, build your brand. Let your name ring a bell around a theme. Be consistent. Start a Blog, sign-up on facebook, join groups relevant to you, join linked in, be visible and be consistent.

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