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Yeah, the popular film is 300, but this about to be popular post is 30…

I’m clocking 30 on the 4th of August, 2007 that’s Saturday, and I’m celebrating it on the same day between 4-6pm at the Little saints Orphanage at Palmgrove like I did last year. I feel a bit funny talking about my age like most people, but for me, that age is a benchmark age for me. Three of the bible characters that inspire me the most, entered into the full realm of their missions at 30.

Jesus started his full time ministry at 30
David became King in Isreal at 30
Joseph became prime minister in Egypt at 30

Early this year, during my time of meditation, God impressed it on my heart, that I was about the age of his Son, when he was on earth, and that I should stop limiting myself.

John the baptist was thirtish when the media of his time classified him as the voice.

Martin Luther King Jr was thirtish when he registered the words -“I have a dream” on the sands of time.

Here is a clip of a record about Martin Luther Jr that inspires me

Martin Luther King, Jr., (January 15, 1929-April 4, 1968)

In the eleven-year period between 1957 and 1968, King traveled over six million miles and spoke over twenty-five hundred times, appearing wherever there was injustice, protest, and action; and meanwhile he wrote five books as well as numerous articles. In these years, he led a massive protest in Birmingham, Alabama, that caught the attention of the entire world, providing what he called a coalition of conscience. and inspiring his “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”, a manifesto of the Negro revolution; he planned the drives in Alabama for the registration of Negroes as voters; he directed the peaceful march on Washington, D.C., of 250,000 people to whom he delivered his address, “l Have a Dream”, he conferred with President John F. Kennedy and campaigned for President Lyndon B. Johnson; he was arrested upwards of twenty times and assaulted at least four times; he was awarded five honorary degrees; was named Man of the Year by Time magazine in 1963; and became not only the symbolic leader of American blacks but also a world figure.

In the Jewish Nation when you clock 30, you enter your decade of reigning. In an article writen by a great friend of mine Tope Ogunfayo here you can get to learn a lot more about the other decades. If it’s not happening to you yet, don’t worry, the decade is 10yrs.

Last week, one of the girls from Little Saints came with one of her aunties to my office, she asked me if I’ll still be celebrating my birthday with them this year. I told her that I have not yet been able to think of a better way. So… come August 4, 2007 Saturday, I’ll be celebrating my birthday at the Little Saints Orphanage. It’s 6b D’alberto Road, Palmgrove Estate, Palmgrove. It’s the road beside the petrol station at Palmgrove B/S. I also want to use this birthday as an opportunity to raise N1,000,000 only for the orphanage. I know you may say there are poorer orphanages that require help, I know this orphanage is well managed, I’ve been there, and I know that they can do more, with more. I’ll be writing them the minimum of N1,000,000 check on that day, so if you want to be a part, just credit my account ahead (GTBank 223863354110 – Adeolu Akinyemi). If nobody credits my account, I’ll bear it fully.

About 100 of the children who grew up in this orphanage will be present with us, they’ll dance, sing, and generally give us an opportunity to share our warmth and laughter.

I’m dedicating this August to Charitable acts. God has been very good to me, trying to count my blessings is herculean. We get, because the divine trusts us to give to those who without their own choices live below their potentials.

August is packed for me already, and in the spirit of charity, i’m taking off 10% from all our seminars this August.

Ecash Invest and Clubfreedom Seminar: Sunday, August 5, 2007 Elomaz Hotel behind planet 1, is going to be FREE (with the help of willing cyclers)… Call Tola 08057109512 to book ahead.

Forex Trading Training course: Saturday, August 11, 2007. 71 Allen Avenue, 3rd Floor (Generis Solutions), to be facilitated by the best Forex Trainer and Trader I have met. Is going to be subsidized by 10%. 25 people per session tops… Call Felix 08023163645. For people who are not able to pay by the 9th of August, another one will be holding on the 18th of August.

Customer Service Training course, August 16th and 17th, 71 Allen Avenue 3rd Floor (Generis Solutions) Facilitated by top Customer Professionals in the industry and Generis Solutions Facilitators. It’s for corporate professionals and you can be company sponsored or individually sponsored. to register interest and make enquires, contact kamal 08026113005. Our regular prices will be discounted by 10%.

Mentorship Session, Sunday 19th August, 2007, 71 Allen Avenue, 3rd Floor (Generis Solutions) Featuring Gbenga Sesan, Adeolu Akinyemi and a Visiting Mentor. It used to be N1000 to take care of venue and light refreshment. I’m paying for this one… so it’s free. The room sits only 30. Call Tola 08057109512 to book ahead

Billionaires in Training, Dubai Edition, 24th to 26th of August, 2007. We’ll be taking 40 people to Dubai for Billionaires in Training. People that attended the former one will get a 20% discount, while people that are coming fresh a 10% discount on final costs. Final costs are about N250,000 accomodation, feeding and tours inclusive. We already have 10 people as sure bankers. We will need to have your passports and visa fees before the 8th of August if you are coming… to secure your seat, call Emore Ogho 08036775936.

Effective Presentations Skills 30th and 31st of August, 2007, 71 Allen Avenue, 3rd Floor (Generis Solutions). Facilitated by Top notch public speakers in collaboration with Generis Solutions. For more enquiries contact Kamal 08026113005. Our regular prices for this will also be discounted by 10%.

This august we are also going to be raising funds for the winner of our first extreme makeover and angel network recipients. The month will be covered by random acts of good will and kindness, we won’t stop in August though, we will all, you and I extend this into the months ahead and give back to our country.

I want to use this month to say a special thank you to God, the giver of life and all it’s blessings, and to all my friends (I wish I could mention your name one by one…I’ll try on that day), and to my online community of friends, thank you all for being part of my story.

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