Month: March 2010

Opportunities and Enemies – 2

Summary Of Live Rewards for Week Ending on 28/03/2010 Rank- Platinum Leadership Event Points: 597 Previous Reports Reward Type Period(22/03/2010 to 28/03/2010) Cycle Payments $5265.09 Matching Income $855.97 Fast Start Bonuses $0.00 Total $6121.06 In the last article I analyzed a few key elements to watch out for before participating in any “opportunity”. Interestingly, I …

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Opportunities that will make you Enemies

I have been involved in a lot of opportunities in my life, I’ve always been entrepreneurial (mum’s blood), and people are usually puzzled when I talk about the things I have been involved with. I have sold bread and egg (when I was in secondary school), barbed hair, made greeting/love cards and bookmarks, co-owned and …

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