Why Your Friend is So Poor!

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Deolu Akinyemi


Yes, we are writing specifically about your friend on this one, this doesn’t really have to do with you. At least, that’s a better introduction to ensure that you pay attention and learn. God forbid that we say that you are poor, or even that you are rich. I remember many meetings we had as singles back in those days, whenever a brother wanted to give an example of something wrong with someone, he’ll simply raise up his hands and say, this happened to a friend of mine :). Sometimes the stories were so personal and relating things that happened after midnight, that you could easily guess that this friend is resident in the brain of the brother. Oh sisters are not left out too, they also have very good friends who have problems, nobody owns up to say, this is the problem I have, it’s always about a friend. So today, permit me to address your friend’s poverty, lack of wealth or resources or lack of decisiveness. This is “why your friend is so poor!”

If you want to find where the source codes for these lessons are, kindly read Matthew 25: 14-30.

Everybody is where they are financially today based on how God judges their ability. Recall Vs 15b: to each according to his own ability. Your wealth or poverty is in direct proportion with how God sees your ability. Ability however is a word whose meaning needs to be described in context. You need to understand what God sees as ability. Once you understand God’s metrics for ability, all you need to do is increase your ability, and you’ll be qualified to handle more.

Here are the elements of ability that God measures

1. Accountability – The Master expected that the servants would be able to give account of what they had done with their resources and what the current valuation of those resources were. The servants with 5 talents and 2 talents, were able to give account of their use of resources. The master settled accounts with all of them, it’s the minimum ability that God requires.

Question: Are you spending your resources accountably? Do you have any records for your income and expenses monthly? Are you starting out your financial game yearly without setting weekly or monthly goals and reviewing them as you go? If big companies spend weeks defending their budgets, reviewing past years and planning for the future, then realize that your friend’s poverty is connected to their not being accountable.

2. Risk-Ability – The Master commended the servants that took risks. The Master knows, that in order to get more, you must be willing to let go of what is currently in your hands. The servants with 5 and 2 talents traded with theirs, they took a risk of loss, and it paid off big time. The man with one talent played it safe, gained nothing and lost nothing, but eventually lost what he had to the person that took the highest risk. The Bible says, it’s criminal to live cautiously like that. Get guidance, start small, but take risks!

Question: When was the last time you did anything out of your comfort zone? When was the last time you ventured into any opportunity? It’s okay to try and fail, but it’s never okay to merely sit by the sidelines and  run commentaries. Is you friend taking risks enough?

3. to be continued…

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