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A few years ago, I had the awe inspiring responsibility of being the Talent Supply Manager for one of the best companies to work for in the world. Shortly before I finished from university, I had stumbled on the name of the company in a book titled the best 100 companies to work for in America, so it was a desirable place for me. Unknown to me, I would go on, to be responsible for determining who gets in, and who does not in just a few years from reading the book. There were many things great about the company – It had at that time been in existence for over 165yrs, it had 110,000 employees worldwide, it invented quite a number of amazing products and concepts and more, but these are not the greatest things about the company. The greatest accolades that the company won were in 1. Quality of Talents that worked in the company and 2. Quality of Management, as evidenced by the fact that many of the other top companies ranking as companies to work for had their CEOs as alumni of this company.

This company had a secret weapon that helped place them on top. They had something foundational and fundamental that they did, that was not in the full view of the world around. The company had a set of skillsets they have at different times called different names. At some point, they called them “what counts factors” at another time, “success actions for winning” at other times, “success factors” or better still “success drivers”. These were not just merely great sounding words, these words truly housed skillsets that was make or break for the company. These qualities were the basic criteria by which the company rated it’s applicants, determined it’s basis for training and development, and also determined the basis for who becomes a high flier. Success factors are the factors that if you have in good proportion can take you to the zenith of your dreams and desires. This company had over the years crafted theirs. To succeed in life in any industry, it is important to understand the factors that make for success, and to ensure that they are present in your life in significant proportions. If you want to succeed, do what the successful are doing, find out their fomulae and practice till you become perfect. Yesterday, I led a small training session where we talked about success factors for excelling in the Network Marketing industry. Find a few exciting insights below.

1. Pursue and Apply Knowledge

If you want to become a Medical Doctor, you read Medical books. If you want to become an Engineer, you read Engineering books. If you want to be rich or successful, it is important that you find books on those topics and make yourself an expert. A mentor of mine once declared that seriousness about any topic requires reading as many books about that topic as your age. Knowledge however is not power, the application of knowledge is what gives power. Make up your mind to read more, to read a book a week, to consider any job that prevents you from the pursuit of knowledge as not worth it. Empty your pocket to fill your head, and watch your head fill your pocket. Readers are Leaders.

2. Be Selfless

The highest human achievement, tied to the highest human joy and fulfillment can only be experienced in selfless service. Common statistics in education are that you retain 10% of what you hear, 20% of what you read, 50% of what you do, 75% of what you discuss and 90% of what you teach. The best of you, the best of wealth, the best of human interaction and life is reserved for the selfless support or help of another. Show love, let your life be about more than you. Let someone benefit from your benevolence, let someone share from your wealth of knowledge, let someone say thank you, help someone be better. Let the story of your week, never be complete without the stories of others who cannot but refer to you.

3. Learn from every experience

Don’t join the company of weak souls who lament about their fate in life. Don’t join the bunch of “excusiologists”, who cook up reasons for failure rather than learn how to do better.  The superior human quality that we have that differentiates us from animals is a higher level of consciousness and the resultant ability to learn from our experiences. Failure is only as good as the lessons we take from it. When it doesn’t work the way you want it, learn from how not to make it work. Take a cue from Thomas Edison, label each failure a lesson in how not to do it. Learn passionately, from books, from others and from your personal failures. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, ask and learn. Not to know is not bad compared to not knowing at all that one does not even know.

4. Work Hard!

The best kept secret of success, is hard work. There is no magic wand, and no magic fomular. What you need is good old hard work. The ability to wake up in the morning, craft your personal stretching to do list, and ensure that God does not judge you lazy. Working hard requires hours of labour, of struggling fervently against the urge to close your eyes and gently nod in reverent worship of other unseen the gods. Develop a high work rate! According to Malcolm Gladwell very desire for stardom requires 10,000 hours of obscure labour to make it shine through. Put the hours in, and keep putting them in until the dawn breaks, then put in some more for the future desired. Yesterday’s hardwork birthed today’s results, don’t deprive tomorrow of today’s hardwork!

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